Document Redesign Project

Creative Writing

I chose to redesign the flyer for a Creative Writing event called The Poetry Booth, because I think the flyer could be much more exciting to look at it and inviting to read. Currently, the flyer lacks any real contrast, other than black font against a white background. Nothing stands out sharply, and the basic rule of thirds is also not followed, which would make the flyer more appealing to look at. Additionally, the photos seem pretty randomly placed in the flyer, and don’t seem to be that relevant, or well aligned. Alignment throughout the flyer is off as the photos and the text seem to just be randomly centered, with the text at the bottom looking choppy and disorganized on the right side of the page. Some text is left hanging much farther along the page than the rest. Finally, I think the main block of text at the bottom of the page could be cut down, while the rest could be reworked to fit together better.


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